Luncheons for September, 2010

The 2010 Elections: Learn the results—in advance!!

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Wouldn’t you like to know exactly what 2010 voter turn-out will be? And who will win the Governor’s race—and control of the Texas House? These speakers already know who will win—and the exact margins of victory. And they’ll tell you! (Or not.) 

Beth Hernandez: Beth is a Vice President at MSHC Partners, which has multiple clients running for the House this cycle. She knows the races, and her projections are detailed and accurate. We guarantee. 

Kurt Meachum: Kurt of course is a loyal Forum member and the certified, spousal genius who is STILL talking about Judge-Elect Amy Clark Meachum’s remarkable Democratic primary victory. Kurt spent more than a decade working for Democrats in and around the Texas House. He knows the secrets and will tell all. 

Ross Ramsey: Ross is Texas Tribune’s Managing Editor. Hence, he’s a genius. He’s a free-speech journalist in the old-fashioned Bill of Rights mode, a visionary—and he’ll be our panel’s token nonpartisan referee.

Ross Ramsey

Jeff Rotkoff: Executive Director of the House Democratic Campaign Committee—the only organization in Texas dedicated solely to building and maintaining a Democratic majority in the State House. In 2002, the Republican House margin was an overwhelming 88-62. Democrats now need just three seats for a majority. Jeff is a major cause of that remarkable turn-around. 

Russ Tidwell: Former Rep. Russ Tidwell represented District 49 with extraordinary talent, vision, and courage—for a few months. For two gazillion years since then, he’s been Director of Public Affairs of TTLA. He’s as old as Big Bend and no one in Texas knows more about Democratic prospects this year than Russ. 

Super-Spectacular Door Prizes:
1. Museum-quality, collector’s items from the Russ Tidwell legislative campaign.
2. Food & Wine Magazine –read this month’s issue and feel just like Rick Perry, except of course that the taxpayers pay for his issue.
3. Keep Austin Weird – the globally important book autographed by author Red Wassenich.

Cost: lunch is $15.00 for members, $20.00 for non-members

Parking: 816 Congress Avenue/IBC Bank parking garage. Enter the parking garage on 9th Street, between Colorado and Congress. Bring your ticket to the receptionist on the 7th floor and you will be given a coupon to use to exit the garage at no charge.

Reservation required: To reserve your seat, email or or call Chuck Herring or Judy Erben at 320-0665. Please tell us if you intend to bring a non-member guest and if you have any special dietary concerns. PLEASE MAKE RESERVATIONS BY 10 AM ON MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 20. Seating to this event will be limited.

About the Forum: The Forum meets monthly for lunch to hear Democratic speakers. Membership is $120/yr. Non-members may attend, but members have priority and receive discount prices for lunches.