Luncheons for March, 2012

Candidate Triple-Header

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Come to our Candidate Triple-Header! United States Senate; Texas Court of Criminal Appeals; Third Court of Appeals.  Critically important races, extraordinary candidates.  Please don’t miss these great speakers.


1. Justice Diane HensonCandidate for Re-election, Justice, Third Court of Appeals.  The Austin Court of Appeals is the most important intermediate appellate court in Texas.  Most state agency cases come through this court, as do appeals of convictions by the Travis County District Attorney’s Public Integrity Unit (e.g., Tom DeLay). Republican members of the court have received well-deserved criticism in the past for partisan decision-making, such as the infamous ruling that money laundering was permissible as long as checks were used. Diane has fought valiantly against such and abuses and to restore fair, balanced decision-making to the court.

2. Keith Hampton – Candidate for Presiding Judge, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.  Keith Hampton is one of the best criminal appeals lawyers in Texas.  Among his many other honors, Keith was voted “Austin’s Best Unsung Hero” in the Austin Chronicle.  He has undertaken the noble duty of attempting to defeat current Presiding Judge Sharon “Close the Courthouse Door” Keller, whom the State Commission on Judicial Conduct ineptly tried to reprimand for her egregious misconduct in the Michael Richard case.  This is a critically important race to help restore respect for the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

3. Former State Representative Paul Sadler – Candidate, United States Senate.  A brilliant and skilled legislator, Paul was on the Texas Monthly “Ten Best” during each of his terms in House.  He’s a serious candidate of substance, intellect, and compassion, and would make a superb United States Senator.

Spectacular Door Prizes:

1. Mitt Romney & Rush Limbaugh, Why Corporations Are People But Women Are Not.
2. Andy Sansom, Water In Texas. Andy spoke at the February Forum and is one of the foremost experts on water in Texas.
3. Red Wassenich, Nothing Before Something.

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Parking: 816 Congress Avenue/IBC Bank parking garage. Enter the parking garage on 9th Street, between Colorado and Congress. Bring your ticket to the receptionist on the 7th floor and you will be given a coupon to use to exit the garage at no charge.

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